Loan Fraud : Alert!!!

We have received few complaints that some company / people are calling loan seekers pretending to be from and asking for advance deposit to process a loan application. ** is a comparison website for debt related services, and NOT a Loan Provider or Loan Broker **

Few of the details we have received about them are as below:

  • They are pretending to be calling from from phone numbers like these: 02038685019, 02038687258 and 02033181384.
  • They are asking for advance deposit which should be deposited to their bank.
  • They are using different email IDs (Example: Gmail, Ymail, Hotmail etc) to send out fake contracts which are never from (emails should be associated with or the company (emails should be associated with
  • They are sending out fake contracts where they are using (Which is a trading style of Click Search Media Limited) logo along with the company details of Click Search Media Limited.

What our partners (Advisors/ Debt Solution Partner) would never do:

  • Ask for advance deposit
  • Sending out contract where they have used our intellectual property (logo etc), address, credential etc. They will use their own credentials as the contract is between them and the consumer. or Click Search Media Limited will have no responsibility for any arrangement the customer may have with the lender once the loan seeker is happy with the Terms and Conditions of the lenders.
  • Will send out contract or any other information from a free email ID. They would use a legitimate official ID which should reflect their company name or trading style.

How to confirm that you have really used our website to submit your details:

  • Many a times people do submit multiple queries to different portal. If you have used our site to submit your details, you should immediately receive a confirmation email from It should come from
  • If you are not happy with the quote our advisors might recommend or you do not wish to proceed further or you do not want to receive a call further, you can always contact us via email to and request us to remove your details from our database

What happens once you submit your details?

  • If you have submitted your information to our site once, your details would be sent to one of our regulated debt solution partner.
  • A debt advisor will get in touch with you and will never ask for upfront money and will discuss your options in more details.
  • During this and other subsequent communication, you will be dealing with a debt solution partner and not with or Click Search Media Limited.
  • If you agree with terms and conditions of the debt advisor, you will be under separate contract with them. or Click Search Media Limited won't take any responsibility towards any arrangement you may agree to have with the advisor or debt counseling company. If you enter into any contract, that would be entirely between you and the advisor or debt counseling company and not with or Click Search Media Limited.

How to spot a fraud?

  • Get details of broker (Broker name, company name, phone number, FCA number etc). Company credentials which includes FCA number etc should be different from (Trading style of Click Search Media Limited) as is a comparison site (and NOT a lender).
  • Check credentials (FCA registration number, Company registration number etc) of the lender/ broker ( Check their FCA registration no. here - , Check Company registration no. here - of that company.
  • Check whether you have been approached for a quote via a legitimate email id which reflects the lender's official site. Example: Should be and NOT like
  • Be careful if they are asking for advance deposit to process a loan application.
  • While receiving the contract (if any), check whether it's coming from the same company or associated official email ID. The contract should come from lenders' email ID and not from (or Click Search Media Limited).
  • Carefully check the lender's details on the contract; it should reflect the details of the lender and NOT the details of or Click Search Media Limited.

What to do if you suspect it's a potential fraud call from/ on behalf of

  • Please email us with your query at to confirm whether you have used our service or not. To locate your details in our database, we would require your name, phone number and email address.
  • Once we receive your query, we would be able to respond to you in next 5 working days.
  • If we find your details, we would know which broker/ lender has contacted you. If you did not use our site, we would also be able to confirm you the same.

What to do if you are already a victim:

Step 1: Stop sending money

  • If you think you have been scammed you should stop sending money to the firm and individuals immediately.
  • If you have shared your bank details, then please contact your bank immediately.

Step 2: Report it

  • If you think you have been approached by an unauthorised firm or contacted about a scam, you should report it to FCA by calling their Consumer Helpline on 08000 234 567 (call rates may vary).
  • If you have lost money to loan fraud, you should report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 (call rates may vary) or online at

Step 3: Be aware of further scams

  • If you have been scammed once or even just been contacted by fraudsters – you should be aware that you are likely to be targeted again.